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Foreign Investment in India
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This has been the speciality of our firm. More often than not foreign companies who are willing to invest in India are hampered in their operations due to the lack of professional advice on various operational matters at a very reasonable rates. They have the option to approach branded professional firms but then they haveto shell out a fortune for their

services. It is here that our firm scores over all its competitors.

We provide assistance in the following matters:

  1. All matters connected with opening a branch/liaison office in India.

  2. All matters relating to finding of a local partner in India

  3. All maters connected with equity participation in Indian company

  4. All matters connected with Reserve Bank of India for all approvals whether for equity or for external commercial borrowings (ECB)

  5. All matters connected with foreign collaboration approvals, joint venture agreements - drafting & execution and approvals from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB)

  6. All matters connected with registration of the Unit with local authorities

  7. Advice on Taxation/VAT matters/Company Law matters

  8. Organization build-up in India including accounts and administration

  9. Advice on all banking matters

  10. Repatriation of proceeds after withholding taxes (if any) back to foreign companies/non-residents and consultancy with regard thereto.

  11. Consultancy on double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) with various countries.
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